Increase Traffic to your Christian Blog: Part 2

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In this post I will discuss the value of Blog Community Sites. There are three main sites: MyBloglog, Bumpzee, and Blog Catalog. I have posted a link to a site reviewing these three in a previous post and a comparison of the first two can be found here. I will leave the comparisons to the other sites and focus only on my experience with the three of them.

MyBloglog is the oldest of the three and, as far as I can tell, the originator of the idea of creating blog communities. This was such a successful idea that this site was purchased by Yahoo!. My experience, though, has not been that rewarding as of yet. The moment that I posted the MyBloglog widget on my site I started to see the little pictures of my recent visitors. My Web server logs revealed, however, that these visitors did not originate from MyBloglog. Instead they just happened to be MyBloglog members who found my site from other sources, mostly Technorati and Google. This seemed like a promising concept, though, so I continued to look for other sites. You can view my blog’s profile page here.

Bumpzee is a site that was started to build a community of Internet marketers. There are a lot of great communities of bloggers in this site that focus on Internet marketing topics. When I joined there was not a community for Christians so I began one called Christian, but so far no one has joined this community other than me. If you join Bumpzee as a result of reading this post, please join my community. You can view my blog’s profile page here.

Blog Catalog has given me the best experience so far along with the most visitors. This is the ultimate community-building site and through it I met the person behind the first blog added to my blogroll, Casey’s Critical Thinking. This site seems to have the most Christian bloggers as active members and I get more visitors to my blog’s profile page here.

If you join any of these sites, feel free to send me a message through the site you joined as well as join my communities.

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Article by Richard Smolenski

My name is Richard Smolenski and I am a theologian in training. I have an M.A. in Christian Apologetics from Biola University and an M.A. in Religion (Biblical Studies), and an M.Div. in Theology and Apologetics from Liberty Seminary. Richard Smolenski tagged this post with: Read 107 articles by
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  1. Casey says:

    You must be doing something right; you’re number one in the Christianity category at Blog Catalog! I’m going to be reading this series with a keen interest. The first thing I’m going to do is join your community at Bumpzee.

  2. Dan King says:

    I agree with Casey! I found this through BlogCatalog, and am following this series closely as I begin trying to promote my blog. I’ll be checking out Bumpzee too. Thanks!

  3. Carazariah says:

    I really appreciate your feedback, I’m using two tagging elements right now on my WordPress sites the Ultimate SEO pack and Just Another Meta Tag and I’ve updated some of my posts, but I haven’t used the Ultimate Tag Warrior you mentioned.

    I downloaded a little while ago and plan on testing it on my main personal blog then moving it to my money blog. .. :) i.e. I have Google Ads on it at

    Thanks for the suggestion. . .

  4. These look like interesting sites. I am in the process of joining them now.

    I use ultimate tag warrior – it is a really good add-on

  5. Wade Tonkin says:

    Excellent series, I am goign through step by step to see what kinf of impact it will have on traffic – just signed up for BlogCatalog – will need to replace my Bumpzee widget – there are some other Christian communities in there. Carl from ChristianMySpaceLayouts set one of them up.

    God Bless,


  6. Godsvision says:

    Thanks for this post, it has been really helpful, I will definately be following your advice.